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Post by Lexi on Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:14 pm

'The law is hard, but it is the law!'
Please read our rules rigorous, before you create your own account! Thank you Smile

For the start

1. This is a fan based forum an it's inofficial.
2. After reading our rules, you can Sign In with a name and a password. It doesn't have to be your real name. Just be creative! It's up to you, what kind of name you'll choose! But please pass unnecessary scrolls up. Otherwise we have to delete your account!
Good: MagnusAlecLove
Bad: *+~LilaLove~+*
3. After your first sign in, please fill your personal portfolio here. This is just a little help for all members to know you better. But don't panic! No personal or privat information will be required!
4. Please finish your portfolio within two weeks, otherwise you'll be deleted!
5. The Admin/s will read an confirm it. Therefor you'll receive a Fanclub number, which you have to add to your Profile!


1. The basic sizes for pictures are maximum:
Avatar: 200x150 px
Siganture: 400x250 px
GIF: 200x200 px
Please don't go beyond this sizes! It is important for a consistent look.
2. Please be aware that not every Avatar ist allowed. Check the persons who chouldn't be used here!
3. Make sure that you don't use pictures, drawings without premission of the owner. The Team don't take any responsibility for copyright issues! You can only be sure if you create your own sets!


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